Lords of the Sound. The Music of Hans Zimmer
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Lords of the Sound. The Music of Hans Zimmer

tuesday, 20:00
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The modern symphony orchestra, which has received tremendous success in Europe, is going on tour again!


On October 25 at 20:00, Lords of the Sound will give a performance with the new program "Music of Hans Zimmer" in Sofia (NDK 1 hall).


The brilliant concerts of Lords Of The Sound combined with the best compositions of Hans Zimmer will immerse you in unforgettable sensations. The following hits will be heard in the hall: "Dune", "Spider-Man 2", "The Dark Knight", "Interstellar", "Gravity", "Sherlock Holmes, "Angels and Demons", "The Da Vinci Code", "Pearl Harbor, "Gladiator", "Mission Impossible", "Inception", "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Spirit", "Wonder Woman", "Madagascar".


In addition to the powerful vocal parts of the soloists and the choir, the symphony orchestra will surprise you with a unique show program, theatrical productions, bright special effects, energy and unstoppable positivity of the entire team!